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My main transceiver for all bands is a Elecraft K3 Serial # 5776. I imported the transceiver direct from the U.S.A with following options:

  • K3 100W Transceiver – Assembled
  • KAT3-F K3 ATU Factory Installed
  • KTCXO3-1 K3 TCXO 1ppm f/w correction to 0.5 ppm
  • KXCVA RX Ant., IF Out and Xverter Interface
  • KFL3A-2.8_2.7 2.8 for 2.7 KHz Swap
  • KFL3B-FM FM-bandwith, 8-pole roofing filter
  • KBF3 K3 General Coverage RX Module
  • KDVR3 K3 Digital Voice Recorder

A note using the K3 with a sequencer and a transverter: I use the Elecraft K3 as my IF radio with transverter.  Elecraft provides a TX INHIBIT line at pin-7 on the ACC jack. One must chose either INHIB = HI or INHIB= LO in the menu to turn it on.  I use the HI option and to hold the transmitter OFF using a +5v control voltage from the final stage of my sequencer.  Using inhibit, I am able to key the radio PTT by normal means such as mic-PTT or RS-232 from a computer.  For CW, manual PTT is needed which I have on my master station control panel.

For my main operating band 2m I use a high quality transverter ME2HT-PRO made by HA1YA.

  • Frequency Coverage: 144.0-146.0MHz  band.
  • IF in/out Frequency : 28.0-30.0MHz
  • RX front-end : <0.8dB NF,overall NF typ 1.0dB,OIP3 typ 35dBm ,IIP3 typ.+10dBm ! PGA-103+ front end
  • RX RF mixer : HJK-3H+  (IP3 >37dBm!)
  • RX overall gain : Typ 25dB variable
  • IF rejection : >85dB
  • Power Output: 60W
  • 0.5ppm TCXO ( AXTAL)

You have to set up the IF level of the transverter look at the service page of the transverter : ME2T-PRO-II & ME2HT-PRO-II Setup before first operation

Since April 2018 I operate a BEKO PA the best state of the art amplifier. This PA is stable as a rock at maximum power.





Another important part of my system on 144 MHz is a preamplifier/LNA made by HA8ET. I use the same preamplifier/LNA for my 6m system.

  • Frequency range:144-146 MHz
  • Input/Output impedance:  50 Ω
  • Gain: 14 – 20 dB (adjustable)
  • Noise Figure <0,6 dB (typ. 0,5)

additional station accessory is a Microham Microkeyer 2

MKII_FRONT MKII_REARmicroKEYER II™ is the most powerful All-In-One single radio multi-mode USB interface and sound card for CW, SSB, AM, FM, and digital modes (RTTY, PSK31, SSTV, APRS, PACKET, and many others) available anywhere.

Using a single USB port, microKEYER II can interface with any Windows-based logging or control program to run any FSK, CW , FSK, SSB, AM, or FM mode. microKEYER II also includes a rig control interface (CAT/CI-V) with interfaces for all supported radios, a powerful CW memory keyer, and a buffer for keying a Power Amplifier and LNA switcher.