Agean Island DX Expedition 2022

Agean Island 144 MHz EME – Meteorscatter – Sporadic-E DX Expedition 2022

This is a member of DX Expedition
QRV from Santorini Island KM26QI IOTA -EU-067
Santorini Island date is 23.05.2022 – 28.05.2022
Note: Santorini is known that amateur radio on shortwave is almost impossible permanent noise S9 on the shortwave bands. Since no one has done 144 MHz EME operation on Santorini before, it is not sure if it is possible. Follow my blog to get the latest information.
QRV from Crete Island KM15WL IOTA EU-015
Crete Island date is 30.05.2022 – 10.06.2022


RIG: IC-9700 GPS, 2 x 8el.IØJXX +pole, SSB PA,  Tripod by Spiderbeam, 
Sequencer by Hamtech,EME3-144 Band-Pass Filter Preamplifier by antennas amplifier

How to get me best in Meteorscatter:

Meteorscatter MSK 144.360 MHz, do not click “SH”, if you hear me please call with raport !
For meteorscatter +FT8 I recommend to use MSHV: Download here !

How to get me best in EME:

EME using Q65-60A and JT65B. Frequencies for EME depends on local noise. Just call me I will be in the NØUK chat as well.

To have a decode with long callsign it is absolutely necessary to have the current version of WSJT-X installed.
Please look at WSJT-X homepage to download latest version : Download here !

How to get me best in Sporadic E:

If any just call me I will be on 144.174MHz /1.period and in the ON4KST chat as well

NOTE: I do not know anything about the local noise so stay tuned about info at this blog.

How to get a QSL
QSL policy:ONLY DIRECT: Erwin Witt, Roemerweg 9, 72488 Sigmaringen, Germany. NOT via burea but later upload to LOTW. Please add mimimum 2€ or 3$ (no IRC) + a self addressed return envelope. All supporters will get free QSL after DXped. For sponsors it is not necessary to send a QSL card, they will be sent automatically after the end of the DX expedition.

If you like you can support me with a donation by Paypal click on icon :   cc paypal Read more about sponsoring

Thanks to the induvidual sponsors (bold are 20€ or more): DK3WG, 



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Accommodation booked at Santorini Island
Accommodation booked at Crete Island