SV9/DK5EW Crete Island

SV9/DK5EW Crete Island

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QRV from Crete Island KM15wl IOTA EU-015 on 144MHz

Due to Covid-19 and licensing problems I had to cancel the St-Lucia DXped so I decided to activate rare grid at Crete Island. 

Date is 13.10.2021 – 28.10.2021. I will be in the NØUK chat.

EME using Q65-60A and JT65B. MS using MSK144 on 144.360 MHz. Frequencies for EME depends on local noise.

RIG: IC-9700 GPS, 2 x 8el.I0JXX +pole, ITB Atlas amp, tripod and mast by spiderbeam.

QSL policy: only direct: Erwin Witt, Roemerweg 9, 72488 Sigmaringen, Germany.  NOT via burea but later upload to LOTW.

Please add mimimum 2€ or 3$ + a self addressed return envelope. All supporters will get free QSL after DXped.

If you like you can support me with a donation by Paypal click on icon :   cc paypal

If you need to contact me for a sked or else pse use the contact form email

TNX to those companies by giving me discount on equipment for DXpedtion

Tripods and mastcables and connectorsantennasITB amplifiersHamtech sequencer
Thanks to the induvidual sponsors: DK3WG, W6TCP, OK1IL,
Big surprise today. Pali from Hamtech sends me a brand new sequencer as sponsoring . It is the new model where
you can adjust the LNA voltage if you have a long feed line to compensate for line losses. Don't forget to mention:
with this sequencer you can directly control a 12V or 24V relay for horizontal or vertical switching.

test setup of antennas. VSWR on H+Vpol is 1:15 that`s ok., optimation of mechanicals done, power 1KW is fine
13.08.2021 flights booked

12.08.2021 accomondation booked. Google earth location