WSJT-X new homepage

2023-01-05 Off By DK5EW
WSJT-X new homepage










The usual WSJT home page on the Princeton University website is no longer available. This is due to extensive changes in the IT infrastructure of this university. Joe/K1JT has therefore decided to set up a new WSJT home page on SourceForge. The new URL is:

Besides the official version of WSJT-X there is another version which has become very popular: WSJT-X improved.
This version includes additional features and is programmed by DG2YCB. Uwe himself is part of the WSJT-X development team. Also this website was refreshed: :

In addition to WSJT-X, DG2YCB has modified another popular version of a WSJT-X clone: JTDX which may be known to intensive FT8 users. Here Uwe has also adapted the userinterface very useful: