First sporadic E opening in 2016 on 144 MHz

22.May  2016: Today it came true – the first sporadic-E opening on 2m for 2016.

I was operating on the big 6m opening direction east to SV/YU/YO/ER/UA/OH. All stations came in with huge signals.











Inspired by these strong signals I switched on 2m and began to listen. Suddenly I heard on 144.300 MHz those typical sporadic E „bursts“ sounding like parts of words via meteor scatter and shortly after that the opening began.

Sorry to say but I missed my 1.QSO by a logbook crash and I do not remember the call it was something with UR(7) ??? also from KO73.

This is a quick audio of R2YAA for KO73 square calling CQ recorded with my smartphone:

Here is the log:

22/05/2016   16:47   RA3EL           KO82AX  59         1972km
22/05/2016   16:45   UA3YCX        KO73EF   59         1864km
22/05/2016   16:43   R2YAA           KO73DH  59         1860km

After the last QSO I had to shut down the station quickly because of a heavy T storm that was coming up.


Name is Erwin Witt, born 1962, working as technical service engineer in environmental test systems business. Ham radio hobby since 1980, main interests are VHF and EME operating.