30 years of DPøGVN

Today I received a QSL from DPøGVN that is the special call sign of the German Antarctic Station Georg von Neumayer III. The QSO was held  11.09.2014 on 10m. A deep search in my brain and I remembered that worked this call sign a long time ago. Good that I save all my old QSL cards in boxes and after a short time I found the QSL from my QSO with the German Antarctic Station Neumayer  I in the year 1985. Interesting to see that the old station was „in“ the ice and the new station is „on“ the ice.

Category: QSL


Name is Erwin Witt, born 1962, working as technical service engineer in environmental test systems business. Ham radio hobby since 1980, main interests are VHF and EME operating.