TX7EME – Moorea, Tahiti Island via moon DXCC FO/F

Today I have been very lucky and at the end a happy man  😀  I was able to work TX7EME. That one is activated by Giulio, IW3HVB. The EME window to Tahiti is very small only 1-2 hours and the distance to the moon is far so not the best conditions. I arrived at my QTH when the moon was already only 6 degrees on moon set. Till connecting RIG and calling the moon was only 5 degrees left so I tried and after only 3 calling sequences he came back for  me. Signal was in that moment not too big only -26dB but enough for a successful QSO.

Now DXCC 148 is in the box.   🙄

Please have a look at: TX7EME DX Expedition Homepage



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Name is Erwin Witt, born 1962, working as technical service engineer in environmental test systems business. Ham radio hobby since 1980, main interests are VHF and EME operating.