Wavelog – next generation webbased logging

Wavelog – next generation webbased logging

2024-05-17 Off By DK5EW

You ever thought to log from anywhere at anytime ? Here is Wavelog : https://www.wavelog.org/
Try the demo at: https://demo.wavelog.org/user/login

With an easy and intuitive web interface you can easily log your contacts directly in the browser. Use our tiny helping tool WLGate to log from WSJT-X or to send CAT data directly* from your radio to your Wavelog account.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Wavelog comes with powerful mapping tools. Easy export your QSO as different maps, show it to your friends, place an automatic generated map in your QRZ.com Bio.

The maps are highly customizable.
Analyze your work.

How many grids did you work? How many days per year did you do HamRadio? What was the farest distance you worked on 70cm band?

and much more.

Wavelog helps you with analyzing your data and shows you how far/close you are from your next award certificate.

More then 20 awards all over the world are implemented yet and more are following.

The most common third party services are fully supported by Wavelog. You can sync your logs with eQSL, LotW, HRDlog, QRZ.com and QO-100 Dx Club. Your QSO’s are getting automatically confirmed with eQSL and LotW and eQSL cards can directly viewed in the WebUI. Additionally you can upload scanned QSL cards for QSO’s.

The work on this project started at the end of 2023 as a spin-off of the well-known amateur radio software Cloudlog. The four core developers – DF2ET, DJ7NT, HB9HIL and LA8AJA