2022-03-31 Off By DK5EW

Another “improved” version by DG2YCB this time he spent some time on JTDX.

Download his latest version always at https://sourceforge.net/projects/jtdx-improved/files/

jtdx_improved includes the following additional functions:


  • The GUI of the main window has been optimized. It is now similar to that of wsjt-x_improved AL. But there is also a version with JTDX’s default GUI.
  • “FT8”, “FT4”, and “JT” buttons make it easy to switch between the frequently used modes (useful when menus are hidden).
  • In the Wide Graph window, text of “Control” checkbox has been removed to prevent accidental ticking when setting lower audio frequencies.
  • Some bug fixes to the GA release. (Latest Hamlib files, etc.)
  • Band Hopping for FT8, FT4 and JT65! A new Tab 3 has checkboxes for the most important FT8, FT4 and JT65 frequencies. Just select the bands/modes you want and push the “Band Hopping” button. Automatic band hopping takes place every other full minute. (Very useful together with PSK Reporter to get an overview on the current propagation.)
  • Play individual alert sounds as notifications (“New DXCC”, “New Grid”, “Calling You” and so on). Note: This feature requires that your rig is connected via USB audio, and that this audio sink is NOT named ‘Default’.
  • Option to highlight all messages with My Call by a yellow or cyan background (like wsjtx).
  • Highlight messages with DX Call / DX Grid.

 recommended settings by DG2YCB:

– Decode -> FT8 threads = Auto- Decode -> FT8 decoding -> decoding cycles = 1

– Decode -> FT8 decoding -> SWL decoding cycles = 1

– Decode -> FT8 decoding -> QSO RX freq sensitivity = high

– Decode -> FT8 decoding -> decoder sensitivity = use subpass

– Decode -> FT8 decoding -> Early start of decoder = enabled

– Decode -> FT8 decoding -> Wideband DX Call search = not enabled

– Decode -> FT4 decoding = deep

– Misc -> Hide FT8 dupe messages = enabled


+ picture courtesy of DG2YCB