WSJT-Z – full auto mode

WSJT-Z – full auto mode

2019-09-09 Off By DK5EW

Have you already heard of WSJT-Z?

This is a WSJT-X based clone with a modified user interface to the standard WSJT-X interface.


  • Modified user interface, including a larger Band Activity window
  • Extended filtering features
  • Auto CQ and auto responding

Quite nice is that you have all options in a main field at a glance and can minimize this by clicking on “mini” on the main control panel.

But what stands out in particular with this clone is that there is a modification in the operation and now it comes: it is an “auto CQ” possible that means that after executing a QSO’s just continue to call CQ. This can be additionally defined that too every station that is not in its own logbook is called automatically.

 I leave it to everyone whether he wants to use this feature or not. 

This clone WSJT-Z from SQ9FVE can be found at:

Note: I am not the programmer of this software I only present it. For any help with this software please contact the manufacturer).