Mariana Islands countries to countries first connection

Mariana Islands countries to countries first connection

2019-05-09 Off By DK5EW

Since 2004, I am qrv on the 144 MHz band over the moon once more or less intense. At the 05.05.2019 I was able to actually reach my first German countries first connection on 2m.

That was then KHØ / W2AZ which are located on the island Saipan, locator QK25VE. Saipan belongs to the DXCC Mariana Islands.

Thanks to our Japanese radio friends JH3AZC, JP3EXR, JA1PFP who were doing an EME DX expedition there. I was fortunate enough to be qrv at the right time when the moon rose and the signal from KHØ / W2AZ on the vertical plane came to me as well. That’s the advantage of having XPOL antennas ! This allowed me to bring these countries first connection for me in the logbook before the so-called big guns such as DF2ZC who is  only horizontally polarized and equal as second DL station KHØ / W2AZ could log.



Pictures by Kay JH3AZC from the station KH0/W2AZ.

For me a personal highlight in the year 2019 which brings me an entry in the eternal list of the first connections.

Now the QSL received and the first ever 2m contact DL-KHØ is confirmed for the books.