simply reach FT8 diplomas.

simply reach FT8 diplomas.

2018-11-04 Off By DK5EW

Since the release of FT8, this new mode of operation is becoming more and more popular and it is not enough to have diplomas for it.

The best source for FT8 diplomas is the new FT8DMC club. Membership is free and countless FT8 diplomas can be obtained. Whether for short wave or VHF and higher there is something for everyone.

It’s simple: apply for membership on the homepage of the FT8DMC. Then you download the UltimateAAC software from the EPC club. Easy to import direct your log into the software which is available in several languages.

There you enter after installation in the setup your membership number of the FT8DMC. Now you can load in the program your local logbook in different ways and it will then show all the diplomas you can submit which is also made on the UltimateAAC.

After a very short processing time by the Diploma Manager, you will receive an email that the diplomas can be downloaded at the FT8DMC homepage either as jpg. or pdf.