HyEndFed antenna at DXpedition on Panglao Island

HyEndFed antenna at DXpedition on Panglao Island

2017-11-26 Off By DK5EW

I was on a 2m/70cm EME  Dxpedition from 31.October to 14.November 2017 with the special call sign DX7EME on Panglao Island IOTA OC-129. In the off moon times we planed to do some HF/IOTA activity. For that the HyEndFed company sponsored us a 8 band antenna 80-10m incl. WARC with a  40-58m length. Thanks very much for supporting us !

We installed the antenna on the top of our tower so called pirates nest at a hight of ~18m as a sloper down to a Mango tree at the end in a hight of ~5m with a angle about ~60 degrees. The wire was free nothing else was very close so ideal conditions. If you look close on the picture you may see the HyEndFed antenna. (click to enlarge)

We used a Elecraft K3 without any tuner and about 10m of H155 coax. The VSWR was on all band 1:1.1 or 1:1.2 so a tuner was not needed at all.

The direction of the sloper was north east because of the butterfly radiation diagram, we thought. With that setup we were able to work all Asia, North/South America and of course Europe. In the tropics the short wave bands are closed totally in the noon hours (or just no activity ?) and will open late afternoon or night time. After calling some CQ’s on the IOTA QRG we produced every day a huge pileup at Japan. I didn’t know that there are so many active amateurs at Japan. 😀

Conditions on short wave has been not very good that time but we managed to make some hundreds of QSO on short wave beside our main EME operation when the moon was down. On 80m/40M we reached several times Europe with a good QSO rate mainly in CW.

I can very highly recommend the HyEndFed antenna to all. You will work the whole world with just a wire. We were visited by many local Philippian Hams and they all was impressed by the performance of this antenna and its perfect workmanship. Please see also the DX Expedition presentation.

Below some pictures from the antenna at it’s installation at Pangalo QTH.





Also Edi/DU1EV made a video on youtube where the HyEndFed antenna can be seen.