DXpeditions are a lot of fun for both sides, the DXpeditioners as well as those who stay at home and are happy about working the new DXCC and/or grid square.

However, these activities can be also rather costly: travel costs by car and plane, accomodation costs and sometimes even bribes.
I`m  very grateful for any support I can get to reduce the net costs. If you want to send me a donation you can use the special paypal button below. Every little helps !

cc paypal

I promise not to spend the money on alcohol, gambling or women  😀 but only on costs related directly to the DXpedition.

And most importantly, I do not particularly ask for sponsoring. I`m happy if some donations come in but I`m not sad if they don’t.

I would be happy if I can give you a new DXCC or a new square. Looking forward to conatct as many as possible.

Of course sponsors and those who have been on DX expeditions themself get a small advantage in the pileup.