St.Lucia caribbean EME DX Expedition

St.Lucia caribbean EME DX Expedition

St.Lucia EME DX Expedition information
J6/DG8NCO – Uwe + J6/DK5EW – Erwin will be QRV at the Caribbean Island St.Lucia date 10.October to 21.October 2021 locator square FK93MS. St.Lucia was last activated 1999 by J6/K6MYC with few QSO on 2m and never activated on 70cm and 23cm.

Moon conditions in October 2021Best DGRD ~1.5 dB (modearte to poor)

Our plans are in process with licensing/transport of rig but license is still pending (July 2021). The DX Expedition is focused on 144 MHz/432 MHz/1.2 GHz. A online log will be published on exclusiv and on this page after finish. Also we try to be on the NØKU chat. We have to thank J69DS – Frans and his XYL for all the help getting the license and help along as well all sponsors who make this dedicated EME DX Expedition possible .

DX Expeditions: V31EME + Z66EME + C3ØLFE + HBØ/DG8NCO
DK5EW – Erwin
DX Expeditions: HBØ/DK5EW + DX7EME ( member)

144MHz: IC-9700, BEKO HLV 2000, 2 x IØJXX 8el. +POL
432MHz: FT-897, IC-9700, Transverter Kuhne, BEKO HLV1000 special dual band edition, 1 x IØJXX +25el.
1.2GHz:   FT-897, IC-9700, Transverter by Kuhne, BEKO HLV1000 special dual band edition, dish by W2HRO

QTH will be Castles in Paradise Villa Resort – St Lucia villa no. 12 with a flat roof and a full view over the ocean with full moonrise and moonset. Local noise situation has to be checked on place.



This is also a DX Expedition powered by a member of – the best resource for VHF. Please subscribe to be updated by the last information.


ST.LUCIA PAYPAL DONATION INFO: please do not donate before we final announce that the expedition will take place. Covid-19 + Delta variant is making it difficult to plan.
Please send here if you want donation to our Paypal DX Expedition account. Because it is a very costly expedition we estimate every $/€. As a donator you will receive a nice QSL card direct after DX EXpedition without requesting it. Don’t forget to leave your call sign and your name or company as well your actual address for QSL. ( NOTE: if we don’t manage the license for October 2021 the expedition will be postponed spring 2022 so your donation will not be lost and noticed)
Please press the Paypal button to donate.⇒ ⇒  cc paypal

How to work us best in 2 ways:

1: We prefer to QSO on 144MHz over the moon in Q65-60A (70cm/1.2GHz in submode C)

2: We may change on request to old JT65-B mode and for that we use Lance procedure

we will use the W7JG – Lance procedure ! (more information Lance procedure)

  • If you call us but you have no signal from us then please call us normally which means for example:
    J6/xxxx DF2ZC
  • If you call us and you see a signal from us then call us for example:
    J6/xxxx DF2ZC OOO
  • Background is:
    if you call with „OOO“ we immediately recognize that you are receiving us. Additionally the software decodes signals containing „OOO“ much better.
  • Procedure:
    as soon as we see a signal with OOO we answer with OOO f.e. DF2ZC J6/xxxx OOO followed by the normal wide sequence of the QSO with your answer RO and we again with RRR.
  • Please send us in any case 73 so we know you have everything although it is not absolutely necessary. Actually it is complete when you receive our RRR.

Operating tips:

If you no longer copy us please go back to calling with both call signs only. This way we easily see who in the pile-up is copying us and we can save precious time by answering only to stations who copy us.

Do not jump around. Stay on your frequency and please use the +/- 800 Hz range for calling us. If you should decide to change frequency please stop tx for one sequence and check if we don’t maybe reply to you right then. If we don’t – go ahead changing frequency.

We will not tx 73s to answer your 73s. We will move on and call the next station. However, we expect YOU to tx 73 for one sequence when you receive our RRRs.

Firstly we give strong priority to callers who are known to go on dxpeditions themselves. Secondly if we copy a station of which we know it is a known QRP station we give priority also then. Of course our supporters also get a little advantage…a very little one because they help to make these activities happen. But no question we will work everybody we can receive !

corporate sponsors :

Tripod by
Koaxcable and connectors

QSL cards

sponsors will receive free nice QSL card after DX Expedition as soon cards are available. For direct QSL please include a self-addressed envelope and at least 3$ for stamps.